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Boxers Needing Homes

Last Updated: 22nd August 2014



Unfortunately due to dogs being let down, we will no longer be reserving dogs for people for longer than 4-5 days. If you are interested in a particular dog and have been homechecked and accepted, you will be expected to adopt the dog you want within a 4-5 day period. We will not hold onto dogs for any longer than this at the risk of the home falling through and other possible homes being turned away due to the dog being reserved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but due to dogs being increasingly let down by homes we cannot keep reserving dogs for long periods of time. 


Ava is an extremely sweet natured 7 year old boxer who has came over to the UK from spain, this poor girl has lived on the streets and used to breed from. She is such a submissive quiet little girl who gets on with everyone from dogs, cats, children and adults. She has never lived in a home before so she is slowly learning the ropes. Ava will need plenty of time to settle into a new home and her new owners must be patient enough to help her settle in, however long it may take! She is a bit of an escape artist and can scale 6 foot fences so she needs extreme supervision when outside, it is best she is kept onlead at all times, even if just in the garden. She is also learning that she doesnt have to constantly scavenge/steal food and is fed regular meals. She is ok to be crated too while left alone or at night time, this helps her settle better.
Ava knows no english commands, so her new owners would preferably need to learn a few Spanish words for her! 



This gorgeous boy was found as a stray but sadly noone came to claim him! He's around 6 yrs old & is a lovely friendly lad. He's not doing to well in kennels & losing weight despite being fed 2 meals a day. He's a gorgeous lad seems fine with other dogs & didn't try to chase the cat. As he was a stray he is looking for a home with no young children


Noa is in a foster home in Spain at the moment and will hopefully be traveling over before the end of the month :) Noa is 4 years old and was used as a breeding machine then dumped in the pound in Spain before she was saved and put into a foster home. Heres an update from her foster home: She is very good in general. Very loving. She is healthy. She doesn't appear to have lumps or health issues. She is very good with adults. She is very good with children. Good with cats. She loves being touched anywhere. She doesn't run away or escapes from the garden. She is obedient. She doesn't walk well on the lead as she pulls a lot. She is not aggressive with food around but she will not let other dogs go near. She growls if they approach her bowl. She stands in front of it like a goalkeeper. She plays with other dogs happily but she occasionally pins the small ones down which frightens them. She needs to improve walking on the lead, overcome her obsession with food and keep an eye in her when she plays with small dogs she doesn't know. She doesn't have separation anxiety. She loves being with people and follows you around.. She will be available for rehoming once she has been assessed


This is Ozzy, he is 2 years old and he is looking for a very active boxer experienced home. He has lots of energy to burn and is a very strong boy. He is ok with older children but not very young ones due to how boisterous he is. Ozzy will benefit from someone who has the time to put into training him, he is still a young boy and has lots to learn. He can be very boisterous with other dogs too so if he is to live with one they mist be able to cope with how full on he is. Ozzy needs a home with someone around or most of the day as he does get stressed when left and has been known to chew shoes or cushions etc.


Logan is in a foster home in Warrington
How handsome is the lovely Logan? This stunning boy is 7 yeas old and has been in foster care for quite a few months now! We are hoping his forever home is just around the corner. Logan came into our care in August, but he is still struggling to find a home. He did have some anxiety issues when he fist arrived but these have greatly improved thanks to his wonderful foster parents. Logan loves his routine and soon settles ones he knows the ropes!  He is a very different dog from the one who arrived back then. He is a loyal loving boy who is great on the lead, his anxiety issues are much reduced just from being in a routine and meeting regular visitors to his foster home, though he does prefer a quieter house generally as some visitors and strangers worry him. We don't think he had been socialized with many people or dogs before but he is really coming on a treat and would make a loving companion for someone. He sleeps in his bed at the bottom of the bed no trouble at all through the night. He's fitted nicely into routine and his cheeky face and those mad ears just make us laugh every day. It's sad that he is still being overlooked and not given a chance of a forever home, he still has a few little wrinkles, very vocal when door bell rings or post arrives, but then so do most boxer boys! Logan is looking for an adult only home with no other dogs or pets, he will be ideal for someone who has a more laid back lifestyle without a busy household.
Can you offer him a home?


Stella one of our long term dogs is looking for a new home AGAIN through no fault of her own. Stella is 8 years old, she is an amazing family dog who is brilliant with children of all ages! She isnt keen on other dogs or animals though so needs a pet free home and a STRONG owner. When she arrived with us she was very strong on the lead when she seen other dogs but she has come such a long way and is now 10 times better and walks well on a harness, she has been returned to us twice now for her issues with other dogs so she needs a home who understands that she doesnt like other dogs and she doesnt like to walk near them! Stella loves to have a bath and will quite happily jump in the shower with you! She is a great dog and really deserves a forever home as she hasn't had much luck at all in the year shes been with us and has been returned previously too, its time she found her forever home now! Can you offer her a committed and loving home?


Missy is a sweet natured 7 year old boxer girl. She is a loving family dog who is good with children. Missy is a great companion, she loves to give kisses and cuddles and isnt too lively. She is best as the only pet in the home as she can be picky with other dogs and she hasnt lived with cats. She is good in the home and ok to be left for a couple of hours without chewing. She is currently in a foster home in Staffordshire. Can you offer her a home?


This lovely lad is Jake, he is just 2-3 years old. Jake came to us from the RSPCA, he was removed from a home as he was left to live in the garden with no company, no food and no water, he was living in his own excrement and very underweight. He has now come into our care so he can find a loving new home. Jake sadly has a back foot missing and a bit of his leg, we were told that Jake may have been used as a bait dog when he was younger which has resulted in the loss of his foot, but we cannot be sure if this is the reason. Jake has seen the vet and at the moment he is happy to leave his leg as it is, as it causes him no problems at all. Jake is good with other dogs, his friendly character shines through as soon as you meet him, he is such a lovely natured friendly boy who now needs a loving forever home. He has been great with everyone he has met including children.


Meet Pablo, this lovely silver fox is 7 years old. He is looking for a new home due to a change in circumstances meaning he isnt getting the attention he needs. Pablo has been a family pet for 7 years and is ok to live with older children (12+). He is ok with other dogs providing they are ok with him, if he is to live with another dog it is best that it is a calm older female, he wouldnt do well living with a young boisterous dog, he has always been an only dog though so would be just as happy being the only pet in the home.Pablo is not good with cats.


Lola is 4 years old (nearly 5) she is looking for an active home who have had boxers before. She is a typical lively boxer who could do with some training as she does pull on the lead when she sees people and other dogs etc. Lola has lived with children of all ages and is a great family dog, she has lived with kids since she was a puppy. Lola needs a home where she is the only dog in the house, this is the reason she is looking for a new home as her and the resident dog do not get on, although she can be good with dogs when out on a walk she just doesnt want to share her home with one. Lola is ok to be left alone in the house for a couple of hours and is toilet trained too, but will need time to settle in like all rescue dogs do.


Milo is 10 years old (11 in september). He is looking for a new home due to a change in circumstances. Milo is a lovely old lad, who is great with kids and other dogs, he is a lovely old boy who needs a loving retirement home. He is ok being left alone, doesnt chew, knows all his basic commands and is toilet trained.