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Boxers Needing Homes

Last Updated: 28th Oct 2014



Unfortunately due to dogs being let down, we will no longer be reserving dogs for people for longer than 4-5 days. If you are interested in a particular dog and have been homechecked and accepted, you will be expected to adopt the dog you want within a 4-5 day period. We will not hold onto dogs for any longer than this at the risk of the home falling through and other possible homes being turned away due to the dog being reserved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but due to dogs being increasingly let down by homes we cannot keep reserving dogs for long periods of time. 


This handsome man is Oskar, he is 8.5 years old, still a giddy kipper and full of fun! Sadly Oskars dad passed away and he found himself in kennels, Oskar was his lifelong companion, they did everything together and he was a very much loved boy. We are now looking for a very special home for him who will love him jut as much as his dad did! Oskar has never lived with other dogs but he has been ok with those he has met. He does need a home with no young children though as he does not have a history of living with children (or cats!). Oskar is such a lovely lad who is full of beans but also very cuddly, he loves a good bum rub and a boxer snog! He is crate trained, travels well in the car and knows all of his basic command, he loves his food too so will do anything for a treat he loves to run and play or even just to sit with you whilst you are busy doing something. He is the sweetest cuddliest boy but has clearly been worried and a little knocked back by this whole situation ideally he needs a home experienced with the breed. But one that will not be forceful with him and will respect all that he has been through. Can you offer him a home?


Hi all, I'm Marley! Like some of my other friends at JLBRL I was also found on the streets, my owner didnt come to claim me so I came here to find a new boxer loving home! I think im about 7, or 8? I cant count so im not sure, that's what they tell me anyway. I have a lovely foster home in south wales at the moment where i get lots of toys and lots of walks, but im hoping my home is out there somewhere who will also take me for lots of walks, im waiting patiently for you to find me! I really love my human companions, but when it comes to other dogs Im fussy on who I let in my friend zone! Im a people person not a dog person! My friends say im a happy go lucky boy, i suppose i am really, i love to run and play, people think im old but ill show them im not! I can give any of those youngsters a run for their money! Hope its not too long till its my turn to find my forever family


This lovely girl is Stitch, she is about 8 years old. Stitch has come into our care to find a loving retirement home. Stitch has recently had a litter of puppies (yes at her age :( ) but has now been spayed. She is ok with other dogs and older kids. She is currently in kennels waiting patiently for a home. More info to be added soon


Hi everyone, my name is Polo! But you can call me whatever you like (within reason!) because I cant hear you anyway! Ive been lucky enough to end up at JLBRL to find a new home, my owners left me on the streets and I ended up in the stray pound. Ive been told I need to get some meat on my bones because I'm too skinny, I'm trying but I don't really like it in kennels, I'm a bit stressed so its hard! One thing that is keeping me happy though is my toys, if anyone out there has a home for me ill be at your beck and call if theres a toy in it for me! I would like a home with no other dogs though as I dont really get on with them much, im more of a people person! Waiting patiently for the one xxx


Meet the handsome Cooper! This gorgeous boy is 3 years old, he is looking for a new home as sadly him and one of the dogs in the home have taken a disliking to eachother. Since arriving with us Cooper has not been the outgoing dog we were told he was, he is VERY scared of new things and was absolutely petrified in his kennel when he first came in, he is slowly learning to cope better and will now greet you at the front of his kennel with a waggy tail rather than cowering in his bed. He can still get very spooked though, if something outside the home scares him he will tremble and growl, this is all fear based, if he is scared he will growl, he has NEVER bitten or snapped! We have been told Cooper is a slight cross, but not sure what he is crossed with! As you can see from the pictures he is mostly boxer and is definitely very handsome so we are hoping this wont put you off! Cooper loves he walks, like most dogs he's a bit pulley on the lead sometimes but in general he is very laid back, he loves cuddles from whoever will give them to him! Cooper needs a home with no children. In general he is ok with other dogs he knows but again he is still very nervous at the moment and is not happy around new dogs. He has never been around cats but has been fine with the rabbits and budgies he lived with. He is used to being left alone but he does like to suck and chew his blankets and his plastic bed but never anything in the house.



Meet Bailey. He's 3 a year old white boy who loves attention. He's such a loving boy and loves having a good play of tuggie and also cuddles and licks! He's an excitable and lively lad and does pull on lead until his energy has gone. He is looking for an adult only home with no children. He will chase cats, but he is fine with dogs. He previously lived with a jack russell cross and is now in foster with a boxer bitch. Bailey had a couple of funny 'turns' earlier in the year, we are unsure if he had just fained or they were fits. The vet does not think he has epilepsy and his heart is fine. He has not had any problems in the last 4 months so it is something that may not happen again. Bailey is currently in foster in Redditch, Worcestershire