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Boxers Needing Homes

Last Updated: 1st Oct 2014



Unfortunately due to dogs being let down, we will no longer be reserving dogs for people for longer than 4-5 days. If you are interested in a particular dog and have been homechecked and accepted, you will be expected to adopt the dog you want within a 4-5 day period. We will not hold onto dogs for any longer than this at the risk of the home falling through and other possible homes being turned away due to the dog being reserved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but due to dogs being increasingly let down by homes we cannot keep reserving dogs for long periods of time. 


Hi all, I'm Marley! Like some of my other friends at JLBRL I was also found on the streets, my owner didnt come to claim me so I came here to find a new boxer loving home! I think im about 7, or 8? I cant count so im not sure, that's what they tell me anyway. Ive been in kennels for a while now, but im hoping my home is out there somewhere, im waiting patiently for you to find me! Like my mate Polo, i dont really like other dogs much either, Im fussy on who I let in my friend zone! But I love my people, im another people person! 2 of the lovely volunteers at JLBRL have been taking me out of a saturday to the local pub garden, I could get used to this! Im getting quite a fan club at the pub So if my forever home is out there, ill be up for taking you our for a few pints of a saturday if theres a steak in it for me xxx


Hi everyone, my name is Polo! But you can call me whatever you like (within reason!) because I cant hear you anyway! Ive been lucky enough to end up at JLBRL to find a new home, my owners left me on the streets and I ended up in the stray pound. Ive been told I need to get some meat on my bones because I'm too skinny, I'm trying but I don't really like it in kennels, I'm a bit stressed so its hard! One thing that is keeping me happy though is my toys, if anyone out there has a home for me ill be at your beck and call if theres a toy in it for me! I would like a home with no other dogs though as I dont really get on with them much, im more of a people person! Waiting patiently for the one xxx


This silver haired fox is the handsome Max! He is almost 10 years old but still as fit as a fiddle, there's lots of life in the old boy yet! Max is currently being fostered in Blackburn, he is a gorgeous boy who is good with kids and other dogs too.Still loves his walks and toys! A perfect family pet, please do not let his age put you off him,he is just as deserving of a home as the younger dogs!


Toby is approx 2 years old, he is a fun loving young boy who is looking for an adult  only home. Toby is quite underweight at the moment so needs to fill out a bit.He is being fostered on the Wirral. Toby loves his toys and will carry them around all day! Especially if they squeak! Toby needs some training as he doesn't appear to havhad much so he needs to learn some boundaries, this is why he needs a home with  no children as he can hurt them unintentionally by jumping on them. Toby is ok with other dogs but due to him being so underweight he can be quite possessive of his food so will need to be fed on his own and bowls taken up after feeding.Toby can nolive with cats.He is a typical young boxer who has lots of energy so will need an active home.